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I adore analysing the human form, putting to paper what I see, rather than what I think I see!
Seeing colours in a black jacket. Purples, blues, greens and oranges that make up a person's skin tones.


After years as a graphic designer I am now rediscovering the human form, concentrating particularly on the face. I can find myself suddenly noticing somebody stood in a patch of light, and what I see is beauty –

in everyone!


Nowadays I enjoy painting with watercolours. I love the technique of painting wet in wet, observing the paint flow and bleed giving beautiful textures; colours changing as they are added and as they dry.



I prefer to work from photographs, preferably those I take myself with my own professional camera.

As long as you live locally I will meet up where you prefer, bringing my partner along. He will chat to the sitter,
making them feel at ease while I take many photographs. This is essential to capture a good likeness and something of your personality. This stage normally takes no longer than an hour and is included in the fee.


If you have a good, high resolution photograph, with the face large on the image that is not blurred or overly dark, please feel free to email me a copy. I will let you know if I am able to paint a good likeness from this.



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